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Ever wonder if you could change the interior design of your office or retail shop without all of the hassles of having a painting crew mucking about in your space? If you answered yes then Lazer Wall Printing is just for you! We set up quick, print any design at 32 ft.²/hr, and get out of your hair. Our machines are quiet enough that you can even run your day today while we’re there.


Pick a design

We can print any design on any wall! Company logos, slogans, or anything you can think of. Perfect for office space, retail shops and more

set a time

Pick a time that works best for you. Note that our machines print around 32 ft.² an hour so we strive on completing your project as quick as possible while at the same time maintaining the high level of quality we provide.


Once everything has been set up when you get to work. Keep in mind that we will only take up about 3 feet of space closest to the wall while our machine is working. We can print on walls, concrete, glass, metal, floors, cars/work vehicles, and any non-absorbent material you can think of!

the future of Interior design




Lunch room


Doctors office


Dental practice




Board Rooms


Retail Shop


and more!

What To Expect

Our process consists of six easy steps. Our main goal at Lazer Wall Printing is to ensure that our clients get the very best, and most elegant design for their homes. These steps ensure the quality of our work, and that our prints are completed quickly so that you can get on with your day. You can also take a look at our FAQ for more info!

1: contact

Fill out one of our contact forms located at the bottom of each page, or give us a call!

4: Print

Let our printer do its thing! It prints 32 ft.² an hour in high resolution, and exquisite detail.

2: Booking

Schedule a time for us to stop by your home, business, or retail shop.

5: Quality check

Once everything is set we take a look and ensure the resolution quality.

3: Set-up

Simple set-up! all we need to do is make space for our machine.

6: Enjoy

Have anyone over and show off your new design, and feel free to give us a shout out if you want.

Pricing Info

This industry is new to many Canadians, so want to give you a full breakdown of how everything works!

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Check out our availability calendar. This is the easiest way to let us know when to contact you.

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