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how it works

Wall printing is truly the future of interior design. As technology advances what once was a costly endeavour for businesses, is now affordable for anyone. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a painter, who allows you to choose from one wall colour or an artist who is more expensive than the painter. Anyone can put any design on any wall!



Print any design on any wall, and on nearly any material. Perfect for playrooms, nurseries, kid’s rooms, basements and more. Set up is quick and easy. Our machines print 32 ft.² an hour, so you can get on with your day with very little hassle.


Logos? We print it. Company slogans? We print it. You can even run your day-to-day operations well we’re doing our work. Our machine runs at just over 50 dB the equivalent of a quiet vacuum.


Don’t have the cash to hire an artist to paint a custom mural? We got you covered! our machines can print any design that will make your shop a wounder to be in!

What you can print on



Including interior and exterior walls, plaster walls, latex painted walls, white walls, Tile Bathroom walls, wallpaper, vinyl coated, shell powder, Wood panel walls.



Outdoor or indoor we can print a mural on your Brick wall. Have an outdated fireplace that needs some refreshing. We can add whatever colour you want to it. Want your plain wall to look like brick? That can also be done. The possibilities are endless.



Don’t like how your foundation looks in your basement or garage we can print on that too. Does your condo have concrete walls that you can’t hang art on? We can bring that wall to life for you.


ceramic tiles

We custom print wall and floor tiles. Don’t settle for what you see in the stores, whatever you envision whether it be your kitchen backsplash or bathroom. Can’t find the exact colour to match, then we will make it for you.



Custom wedding guest books., kitchen cabinets, fireplace mantels, coffee tables, floating shelves. Want your design or a picture.



Metal doors, corrugated fencing, sea cans, stainless steel, metal photo prints.



Vans, buses, cargo trailers. Advertise your company logo with a long-lasting durable solution.


Any Non-adsorbent Materials

We can also print on glass. That front door of your business. Camping and hunting equipment.

What To Expect

Our process consists of six easy steps. Our main goal at Lazer Wall Printing is to ensure that our clients get the very best, and most elegant design for their homes. These steps ensure the quality of our work, and that our prints are completed quickly so that you can get on with your day. Take a look at our FAQ for more info.

1: contact

Fill out one of our contact forms located at the bottom of each page, or give us a call!

4: Print

Let our printer do its thing! It prints 32 ft.² an hour in high resolution, and exquisite detail.

2: Booking

Schedule a time for us to stop by your home, business, or retail shop.

5: Quality check

Once everything is set we take a look and ensure the resolution quality.

3: Set-up

Simple set-up! all we need to do is make space for our machine.

6: Enjoy

Have your friends over and show off your new design, and feel free to give us a shout out if you want.

Pricing Info

This industry is new to many Canadians, so want to give you a full breakdown of how everything works!

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