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What Is Wall printing

Lazer Wall Printing

The Future Of Interior Design

So what is wall printing?

The Basics

Wall printing is a revolutionary new industry that allows homeowners and businesses to apply beautiful elegant designs to a wall or surface. Allowing you to apply any design to any wall with extremely high levels of detail.

The Design

First off what you need to do is pick a design. From that point, you would send it off to our design staff and have the design formatted properly. Once that is completed we apply our design to the machine.


Our set-up is extremely easy compared to other services such as a painter or a mural artist. A painter will need to come to your home or business and have an entire crew lay down protective material, as well as, painter’s tape. This is to protect your home or business in the event paint gets spilt or brushes get dropped. With wall printing, this is not needed. Our crews of no more than three individuals, only need to make enough space for the tracks that the machine sits on.


From there it’s very much like what you would see in a traditional printer. The laser mounted printer sits on tracks and prints from left to right. If you’ve ever replaced a printer cartridge you should have a good idea of how it works.

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